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over 9 years ago

New Patents for Humanity Platform

Dear 2012 Patents for Humanity followers,

In case you haven't heard, we're running Patents for Humanity again.  Now an annual event, applications for 2014 are due Sept 15.

We invite those who applied in 2012 to consider applying again this year.  And please let your friends and colleagues know about this opportunity.

We've moved to a new hosting platform for 2014.  Applications can be submitted at:

And don't forget to check the USPTO website for the latest program news:

This will likely be our last message sent through ChallengePost.  They did an excellent job hosting the Patents for Humanity pilot, but have decided to go in a different direction with their platform.

If you want to continue receiving the latest Patents for Humanity news by email, please send your name and address to  Thanks for your support.

-- The USPTO Patents for Humanity team