Self irrigation container

                             SELF IRRIGATION CONTAINER 

Abstract : The new invention self irrigation container ( SIC) in summary are container ( different sizes and design but same principle ) stored the rain water in closed reservoir . the SIC dump on ground with a collecting drain open at the ground surface level for rain water to inlet . and then feeding the Plants gradually during the dry season to keep the plants life and growth .the plant irrigation done automatically when warm time ( day time ) the vapor goes up to the upper part of the SIC ,then condensing when temperature drop ( night time ) and accumulate and flow out from SIC outlet of the container to the soil and plant roots , we can control the feeding discharge and the time feeding period by The SIC container design , the perforated cone and the relative between chambers size. The SIC is more use full in the continental , tropic zone and deserts . also practical in the slopes of mountain and hills

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