Cancer Drugs from the Sea

We have two patents pending related to medicines that can be used in developing regions of the world. We are applying principals of green technology to medicinal chemistry synthesis and pharmaceutical delivery. We have already applied these novel techniques to the production of cancer drugs found in the Gulf of Mexico. We have also had some of these new compounds tested against a range of cell lines and they have produced very encouraging results. In addition to green technology our focus is too produce these compounds in an economical fashion. The inspiration for much of our work is the World Health Organizations (WHO) list of essential medicines. This is a university research project and the group is composed only of undergraduates. In developing economical drugs for the planet we believe this undergraduate approach is a tremendous advantage. If a medication is going to be used worldwide it must be easy and economical to synthesize and deliver. We do collaborate with some group’s at research universities and federal labs to get access to analytical and diagnostic techniques but the original work takes place in our lab. The video was developing as part of an EPA Green Technology program we participated in recently. It not only discusses the concepts but also some of our projects unique history.

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