StorWatts -- Energy to Grow

StorWatts' mission is to enable families and small business owners in developing economies to take all of the advantages of distributed and renewable energy sources without the tradeoffs and unpredictability; giving them the clean, affordable, and relaible power to improve their lifestyle, their health and safety, and their commercial endeavors.

StorWatts is the better energy storage solution for developing economies where more than 1.3 billion people have no electricity service or unreliable and expensive electricity service. StorWatts micro-compressed air energy storage (micro-CAES) is based on the same ubiquitous and dependable fluid-power technologies found in vehicles, buildings, farm machinery, public works, and beyond. Compared to electrochemical options such as lead acid batteries, StorWatts is 5X longer lived, can operate in the harshest environments, and can be serviced and maintained locally with available tools and skillset.

In addition, StorWatts provides local entrepreneurs the opportunity to deliver relaible distributed energy as a service to local businesses and families using a micro-enterprise business model.

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