Water Conservation Technology

Rein Tech, Inc. is new company with a mission of providing innovative products to monitor water use and quality and to enable water conservation. Rein Tech’s products are intended for residential, commercial, institutional and governmental markets. These practical products provide real time and recorded information concerning water use, water quality and water related energy use. Data is efficiently collected and conveniently displayed per owner/operator specifications. Importantly, certain Rein Tech product embodiments include water use control measures. Current manufacturers of residential and commercial faucets, shower and bath systems, and water supply systems have focused on products ranging in quality from basic to luxury. However, the traditional established products lack Rein Tech product capabilities to monitor and display water parameters and to improve water quality and conservation. Additionally, government facilities, institutions and municipalities typically use outdated and ineffective water supply products. While government intervention has attempted to promote water conservation, the field lacks resourceful water devices that complement this effort. In contrast, Rein Tech products provide comprehensive monitoring of water use, water quality and water related energy use, all of which will enable water conservation. Further, Rein Tech technology provides means to accurately control on-site and off-site water usage.

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