Enterprise Solutions for Bioprocessing by GE Healthcare

Our technology enables both public and private parties to develop local capability in bio-manufacturing for life saving biopharmaceuticals. In most cases, demand is so high for these products in the developing world, that relying on imports is an unrealistic approach. According to the WHO Achilles Project, developing countries will only be able to create affordable and sustainable key medicines access, such as plasma derivatives by using blood plasma collected in their own blood establishments and from their own populations.

Specifically, the application relates to medicines manufacturing solutions based on single-use bioprocessing. Single-use bioprocess technology provides a cost-effective solution that enables customers to quickly develop their own capability in bio-manufacturing to produce supplies of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, insulin and plasma derivatives. In contrast to traditional stainless steel bioprocessing equipment, single-use bioprocessing technology ensures all parts of the process equipment that come into contact with the pharmaceutical to be disposed of after a manufacturing run. This enables leaner manufacturing strategies that allow for a higher degree of flexibility, shorter start-up time, and a faster path to repurposing equipment to development new products. It also minimizes the time and effort needed to re-validate equipment. Therefore, single-use bioprocessing technology is a key to enable a rapid response to local healthcare requirements.

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